Toothpicks & Playing Cards

Posted on: October 29th, 2016 by Allison No Comments

If you’ve been to South Walton lately, you’ve seen the construction…… it is everywhere. It feels like someone with a billion dollars came down here with a giant hose that shoots out trash and sprayed it all over our super unique, rare jewel of a town.


Does the thought process go like this?: ‘wow, South Walton is like no other place I’ve ever been, it’s really special – I would love nothing more than to cover it with 5000 more houses that look exactly alike.’


Do they not understand that by covering so much of our area, it’s taking away the exact reason they came here in the first place? Unless they came here, like so many of our newbies, for purely financial ventures, then they don’t at all see what brought many of us here – the exact opposite reason.


This series of pieces – I believe – represents all of these toothpick and plying card structures being thrown up super quickly on basically, quicksand.


'Diem' by Allison Wickey

‘Diem’- Venetian plaster, acrylic paint, and charcoal


I scratch my head looking at structures made of fragile materials like plaster, paper and wood – and wonder, “what in the exact hell do they think this will look like in 20 years – or after a direct hit by a hurricane?’


Median by Allison Wickey

‘Median”- Venetian plaster, acrylic paint, and charcoal


Am I missing something? I could spin on this subject for hours – lots of wormholes to go down.


Mother Nature is TO-TALLY rolling her eyes…….



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