Spring Forward, Fall Back

Posted on: September 24th, 2016 by Allison No Comments

This Spring, I opened the NEW gallery at The Hub! The doors opened, season started, and it was a three month whirlwind. Thanks to great friends, family, and employees we had an excellent first season!!!!!

These days, I am refilling the gallery with more pieces for fall break season, ‘owners weekends’, and the holidays (I’m bringing back ornaments y’all!!!)………And I’m noticing my color palette shifting over to unusual colors (for me) including coral, mustard, rust, and the most confusing: purple (why is this happening to me?)


"Contact" diptych 60" x 40"


My plans for this color situation include 1) just working through it until it’s over 2) trying to dissect what the colors represent for me internally/physically.



I ‘feel’ the colors I paint and the feeling eminates from my chest. So, does this mean my psyche has been in a deep freeze and it’s thawing into some kind of sunshiny glory? Will I be painting kittens next?!?! Being an artist is scary! But I’ve learned to just fall back and trust the process, let whatever colors come out as they present themselves, mentally take notes about how I’m feeling as it happens and quietly manifest diving back into the blissful blues and whites I love sooooo much.



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